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Sarangi - Whether on a Mumbai train or under a banyan tree…

I feel so Blessed to have this instrument and this music in my life.

Blue Lotus Trio - Formed in May 2013, this group plays a fusion of the musics we love, from Sufi Love Songs to Indian Classical to Turkish Folk music with some mix of our Canadian roots.

Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville, Canada, 2014

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2013

Wolfville Curling Club

Ask Your Sister - My family band with my sisters Ariana, Kamila and my brother in law Andy Flinn. These photos were taken at the Al Whittle Theatre in Nova Scotia by Bruce Dienes after our return from India and China in May 2014.

BC/Alberta Tour 2013

It was such a beautiful tour with my two travelling companions, Jamie Loughead on bass, and Kurt Weiland, band yogi. Can't wait til next time!!  Also, thanks to Dewey Dunnington who joined us on banjo in Calgary!

Here are some photos from the CD release concert at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, and The Music Room in Halifax, NS taken by the wonderful Bruce Dienes. Bruce is an amazing photographer and collaborator. He catches the motion and feeling of performing artists with ease and grace.
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This is with Jamie Loughead, who has accompanied me on this fall's tour of Eastern Canada. We sing harmonies, he plays bass, and what an amazing touring partner!!!

Playing with Ken Shorley is one of my favorite things, he is an incredible percussionist and all round musician, and a great inspiration to me.

Here we are in another genre... Ken plays and studies music from many different traditions, and we share a love for Indian music.

Here we are joined by the lovely and multi-talented Heidi Kalyani on tambura, you will recognize her name from the CD liner notes as she designed it!

This is a sarangi, it is an Indian and Afghan instrument very near to my heart.

Two people who have made this CD and my return to the folk scene possible are my sister and brother in law Ariana Nasr and Andy Flinn. It is amazing to play with them, as it was to record Lonesome Sky and tour with them last spring.

Ahh... What a Band!

Here we are joined by Ji Myeng Kang, visual artist and interpretive dancer!

Here's the whole gang including the deep and powerful voice of Alan Slipp!

Some more pictures from past shoots with Bruce!

Grand Pre, NS. Photo by Bruce Dienes

Canaan, NS. Photo by Bruce Dienes

Sahara Jane at AmpFest, 2011